100% control over liabilities

RiskCo makes long-term liabilities manageable and reproducible and puts end users in control, creating peace of mind for pension funds and life insurers.

RiskCo presents:

The API for pension funds and insurance companies

The Administrative Periodic Inspection that gives you the reassurance that your administration is in order, and otherwise indicates where the flaws in your system are.

We do not perform a random test, but we check every single policy!

In this video we explain how your financial institution can benefit from an Administrative Periodic Inspection.

Why choose RiskCo?

RiskCo gives you 100% reassurance that your liabilities and other obligations have been correctly calculated

In the past few years, RiskCo has successfully implemented projects at PGGM, ASR Leven, ASR Pensions, ASR-NGL Leven, SNS Bank and SNS-Reaal, Triodos, NIBC and to A&O services.

  • Restructuring and modelling of new and existing administrations
  • Handles the most complex sets of liabilities
  • Aligns liabilities of all ages and sources
  • Continual reassurance through regular, annual updates (API)
  • API is 100% screening, not just a sample
  • Decades of experience
  • Team of academics develops and refines new capabilities

What Our Clients Say About Us


"RiskCo delivers reliable and timely good mathematical models and calculation rules, which enable us
to provide our customers the right information faster."

− Luc Boon, Program Manager, A & O Services

"Many pension funds have their own accountants check their administrative records. But that's a bit like marking your own paper at school. So we asked RiskCo."

− André Bakker, Board Member Bedrijfstak Pensioenfonds Particuliere Beveiliging

"RiskCo's solution quickly gave us insight into the quality of our data.
RiskCo offers a good price-quality relationship."

− Harm Roeten, Chairman of the board and worker's representative Stichting Bedrijfstakpensioenfonds Orsima

Our Clients

Successful Case Studies

RiskCo has successfully completed numerous projects using its own applications and HP’s ProductXpress.
Interested in a few examples? See our case studies below.


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