Who We Are

Academically Trained

We offer academics trained in mathematics, finance, business studies, economics, econometrics, physics and artificial intelligence

Analyse Client's Wishes

We employ experts in the fields of bank and insurance products who can provide a clear overview of the customer’s needs

Senior Consultants

We deliver highly technical experienced consultants responsible for acquisition, project management and general managing

IT Specialists

We develop and continually refine applications and guarantee that they are soundly integrated into a company’s systems

Our Vision

"Our goal is to make the complexity of financial products manageable again and to structurally computerize them at a central location.

RiskCo’s view is reflected in the concepts of Single Point of Definition and Single Point of Calculation."

Cees Krijgsman

What We Do

Financial models

RiskCo develops financial and actuarial models. We offer a range of basic models that can be adjusted to the needs of the client. This increases the modelling quality and shortens the lead-time of a project. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can effortlessly implement the calculation models in the client’s current system.

Other solutions and applications

RiskCo has developed different tools that further streamline the calculation processes. For example, we offer a complete solution for executing regression tests and scenario analysis of the entire database. We also develop web applications that make the results of calculations accessible online to you and your customers.


Implementation expert for ProductXpress

This software solution is ideal for modelling pension and life products. We also offer training programs using ProductXpress. This way, our clients can maintain the models themselves.

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Users ProductXpress
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It’s your turn

RiskCo is a fast-growing, innovative company with a fresh view of administrative work and managing calculations related to this work. We are looking for new colleagues who want to work in a pioneering, informal organization.

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