RiskCo’s Calculation Framework computerizes all of the tasks involved in daily testing models with ProductXpress Designer. This makes it possible to test large numbers of cases and to computerize the daily bulk of regression tests.

Functions of Calculation Framework:

  • Scheduling test runs for both large and small amounts of data.
  • Making and generating calculation requests.
  • Sending these requests to ProductXpress Calculator.
  • Managing the calculation park where the calculations are made.
  • Balancing loads.
  • Processing the calculation results.
  • You can immediately store the results in the database or (.csv) file
  • The results of different runs can be compared
  • It can be used in a production environment (for other purposes than only testing)
riskco calculation framework
calculation framework icon ii

It is possible to use Calculation Framework during the day, for example, to calculate the effects of a representative test set in order to quickly gain insight into the impact of the changes made by Calculation Framework the night before. Every night, for example, you can do a batch regression test of the entire population on the basis of the most recent calculation model.