With the WebCalc application a [frontend/user-interface/web-calculation_module] can be easily created/generated for a calculation model created with ProductXpress Designer. For this the WebCalc application leverages meta-information from inside the calculation model to generate the web-interface and attaches the actual calculations to create a fully functional calculation module that immediately can be used on the web.

By adding a look&feel ‘skin’ in WebCalc, a fully functional calculation module can immediately be generated on the web.

The model and skin versions can be configured and managed with WebCalc. WebCalc uses this configuration to build the internet screens, make requests to Calculator and present the results.


Examples of calculations with ProductXpress made accessible with WebCalc:

  • Gross-net calculations
  • Value transfer calculations
  • WIA calculations
  • Maximum mortgage calculations
  • Creditworthiness scores of, for example, business credits